ICT and AT for SEND: A Starting Point

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This webinar is designed for SENCo’s, senior leaders and the wider SEND community, to understand the starting point when it comes to using technology within our schools for those students with additional needs. The webinar will look at that ICT starting point for our primary and secondary students, when it comes to using free and available technology. We will then go into the detail of the concepts of assistive technology and how we can use assistive technology in our education environments. Other areas covered, Microsoft 365 and Windows 10, Microsoft Accessibility Features, What Assistive Technology is, Types of Assistive Technology, what we can and can’t use in exams, Creating Independent Learners. Presented by Arran Smith, Arran is the founder of the SEND group and has been working in the field of dyslexia and special education needs for over 20 years. As a severely dyslexic adult Arran uses assistive technology every day. Over the past four years Arran has worked for Microsoft as a vendor in the areas of accessibility and dyslexia. Arran has many other roles within his working life, working closely with companies like Dyslexia Box that deliver assistive technology to the workplace, along the work he does with SEND group in delivering CPD to the wider education community.

First published June 2021

Arran Is a dyslexic entrepreneur that was diagnosed with severe dyslexia at 9 years old, along with other tendencies of neurodiverse conditions.During Arran’s working life he has worked in many industries including previously working at the British Dyslexia Association. Arran’s career has continued in the field of dyslexia with him now being the owner of Trugs, Managing Director of the SEND Group Ltd and Founder of the Dyslexia Show LTD. Over the past five years Arran has continued to work in the education and SEND field, more recently with Microsoft as the UK’s Dyslexia and SEND Consultant. With a special interest in technology Arran uses Assistive Technology to support his dyslexia needs daily.


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