What is dyscalculia and how can we help?

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This webinar will explore what dyscalculia is, how we can identify learners with dyscalculia and what we can do to support children who are struggling with Maths.

First published November 2021

Judy Hornigold
Judy is an educational consultant specialising in Maths and learners with dyscalculia and dyslexia. Her teaching career started in primary schools before she moved into teaching children with special needs. Judy delivers key notes, workshops and training in Dyscalculia and Maths Mastery across the world, including New Zealand, Australia and Dubai.
She has been involved in curriculum development for the past 12 years including
• Senior Trainer for Maths-No Problem! Training and teaching in UK and International settings
• Series editor for Maths No Problem UK and NZ editions
• Author of Maths No Problem EYFS books
• Series editor for Maths No Problem/Dorling Kindersley parents’ books
• Senior Lecturer in Inclusion at Edgehill University
• Trainer and author for the British Dyslexia Association
• Co-founder of the Dyscalculia Association alongside Prof. Steve Chinn


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