Help! I think my child is dyslexic – what do I do next?

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This webinar will explore next steps, signposting and practical help and support if you suspect dyslexia in your child.

The key learning objectives: To understand if your child might be dyslexic and what to do next.

Outcomes for learners: Learners will have a better idea of the profile of the dyslexic child and how they might go about getting tested and support for their SpLD

Demographic: Suitable for SENCO’s, Specialists, Teaching Assistants, Senior Leaders, Teachers, Educational Professionals

Presented by Katrina Cochrane – Positive Dyslexia

Katrina Cochrane set up Positive Dyslexia Ltd in 2016 and is a specialist assessor teacher and former Director of Education at the BDA. She has a wide range of experience delivering talks to schools, parents and educational establishments.


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