The Secrets of Helping Dyslexic Students to Pass GCSE Science

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Susie will be presenting her webinar on ‘The Secrets of Helping Dyslexic Students to Pass GCSE Science’. This is based on 25 years working at The Sixth Form College, Farnborough in Biology and Health and Social Care as well as in a Curriculum Support department at a local Independent School. Following the publication of her latest Book ‘How to Become a Grade Riser’, she has been recently commissioned by Oaka Books to write the new GCSE Biology booklets which are specifically designed to help SEN children with dyslexia.

First published February 2021

Dr Susie Nyman is passionate about discovering how children learn and supporting them in ways which enable them to succeed. She was appointed as a biology teacher at The Sixth Form College Farnborough in 1995, and subsequently as curriculum manager for health and social care where she has worked ever since.


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