Scaffolding Maths for older learners

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First published June 2022

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We need to support learners who find it a challenge to work with number in the heads and at speed. In this webinar we will explore the difficulties that learners have with learning and retrieving maths facts and then look at practical support strategies using the fantastic Flexitable resource. We will cover addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division, and explore the use of Flexitables for proportional reasoning. This will allow us to understand how learners can vicariously improve their sense of number, building concepts of number that will last a lifetime. Flexitables are tactile, flexible, and perfect for teaching maths in a fun and innovative way. These are not standard numeracy charts and multiplication tables, but offer a low-tech approach to learning maths and scaffolding maths facts, and are effective as educational resources, as well as boosting key numeracy and math skills in an engaging way.

First published June 2022

Pete Jarrett is Managing Director of Tutorum Learning and Assessment, and Tutorum Technologies; he is also Chair of the BDA Dyscalculia Committee. Pete is dyslexic himself and is passionate about helping people who find learning difficult to be supported by teachers and technology. Pete is a regular speaker at conferences and shows and is always entertaining and informative.


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