LEGO Based Therapy Jan 2021

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What is LEGO based therapy? How will it help my pupils develop their social, communication and language skills? How will it help my pupils develop their learning to learn skills? How do I set up a group? What does a session look like? How do I judge impact? Presented by Beccie Hawes – Cadmus Inclusive

First published January 2021

Beccie has worked in all aspects of Special Educational Needs including mainstream, additionally resourced provision and specialist settings. She has extensive experience as a SENCo, Inclusion Manager, Lead Local Authority SEND Advisory Teacher and has set up and led two inclusion advisory services. Beccie is the proud Head of Service with Cadmus Inclusive a part of Cadmus Services which is based in Walsall. This service has a national reach and actively supports schools with all aspects of providing a high-quality education for vulnerable learners. Beccie is the author of ‘The Complete Dyslexia Toolkit’ and co-author of ‘Getting it Right for SEND’ and ‘How to Create the Perfect Partnership with Parents’. Beccie also writes the national Ebriefing: SEND Bitesize. She has also developed a number of educational resources to support learners with educational needs which schools across the UK have purchased and use. Beccie remains very ‘ hands-on’ in the classroom and is passionate about being at the chalk face to support teachers and children to think differently for a brighter tomorrow. She is also the mum and step-mum of four boys and a dog.


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